Everyone at AndalucianProperty.com has experience of buying a home and/or business premises in Spain. We have been through the strain and stresses of the property location and the buying process but we also know how worth while it is to follow your dreams and purchase a piece of this fantastic region.

We enjoy our work and want you to enjoy the experience of buying in Spain. We offer a comprehensive, professional and friendly service. We do not ‘Hard Sell’. We find you what you want to buy.

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 Why do I need a Property Finder?

These days there are a large number of property websites on the internet. When we purchased in Spain we spent days researching these websites and trying to set up viewings. If and when the agents responded we set up viewings only to arrive in Spain and find that the properties had been sold or never existed in the first place!  Agents were not able to offer us properties from a range of suitable locations as each agent only focused on a small geographical region.

Traditional Estate Agents are legally representing the seller – they are therefore more focussed on getting the property sold than finding out what you personally are looking for. This often leads to clients being shown properties that are unsuitable for them. We, on the other hand, don’t have this obligation to the vendor therefore we can search the current market for properties that fit YOUR criteria.

In addition, when you reach Spain you will find that many properties never find their way onto the internet - especially those in the most sought after locations or the real bargains.  We have local contacts who we refer to to see if there any un-advertised properties that would suit you.

At AndalucianProperty.com we use the expertise we have built up to match your requirements and budget to the thousands of possible locations in Andalucia. We use a network of local contacts and quality agents who provide us with a larger and higher quality selection of properties than you can find yourself. As we have no vested interest in any single property or area we can offer you an unbiased selection of the best deals - a shortlist of properties matched to you.


OK, so what's the catch?

There really isn't one. We do not charge you a fee for our services as we receive a proportion of the estate agents fees.

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So what do we do next?

In order to achieve your dream of a property and/or business in the sun.  It is really important that you:

1) Get a basic understanding of the purchase process
2) You are honest with yourself about what is a realistic budget for you, both in terms of cash and mortgage (if applicable)
3) You carefully consider what sort of property and location would suit your needs.  Ideally you should visit your favourite locations to get a better feel for the lifestyle each offers.
For help with these three steps please read our ''Planning' pages'.
4) Fill in our property finder form and wait for your short list of properties.