In addition to property finding we can offer you several other services which will help you purchase your property in the sun. Our services include, Property Finding, Mortgage Arrangement, Property Rentals, Solicitor Finder, and Currency Exchange. Each service is explained in more detail below.


Property Finding

We have no vested interest in selling you any one particular property or in any one location. We search our network of online databases and local contacts who identify properties which are not advertised on the internet.  We do all the hard work and offer you a carefully selected short list of properties which suit your lifestyle and budget.

To find out more about our property finding service please visit our about us page.



Arranging a mortgage in a foreign country is not easy but is often an essential first step for those who want to buy in Spain.  If you are finding this stage too time consuming or simply too difficult we can help.  We will locate the best mortgage deal available and remove the hassle of shopping around and wasting your valuable time.

To find out more about mortgages in Spain please visit our finance page.



We recommend that you try and stay in one or more of the locations that you are interested in before buying. We can help arrange short or long term lets in the locations with property types of interest to you. This will help you make a much more informed decision when you buy.

To find out more please visit our rentals page.



Although it is not a legal requirement in Spain to use the services of a lawyer when purchasing a property we do recommend it. Getting a good solicitor who can communicate in English is an essential part of the purchase process. You should not purchase any building or land in Spain without independent checks being carried out on the title deeds. In Spain; mortgage, local tax and utility bills are attached to a property so the solicitor will also check that there are no outstanding debts on the property before you buy it. This is very important because once you have bought a property any such debt would become yours. We have been through the purchase process many times and trialled a lot of solicitors. We are now able to offer our clients a short list of qualified Lawyers selected for their knowledge, reliability, and communication skills.


Moving Money

You will usually need to transfer large sums of money at least once, if not two or three times, during your purchase. Moving your money straight through high street banks is rarely the most economical way of transferring your money. Using specalist currency exchangers normally offers much better value for money. If you would like us to help you arrange such a service please use our contact form.