Cave houses are all unique and all designed to suit the Spanish climate.  They provide very affordable reform projects.  Prices for an un-reformed, sizable property with land can be as low as €25,000.  You can buy new properties already reformed and connected to utilites for €100,000 and large reformed properties which would make sizable rural hotels from €200,000.

We have provided a selection of representative properties below so you can see what you get for your budget. Remember that we have access to thousands of properties so please let us know what your requirements are and we will find a suitable selection of properties.

Cuevas de Valle
Baza (Valley of Castril)
Bedrooms: 3
Price unreformed: EUR € 49,500, Price Reformed: EUR € 78,500

Cueva Benna
Baza (Benamaurel)
Bedrooms: 3,  Built Area, m²: 500
Price: EUR € 69,000

The Hobbit Cave
Granda (Castril)
Bedrooms: 3Land Size, m²: 10,000
e: EUR € 146,000

Cuevas Amparillo
Granda (Castilléjar)
Bedrooms: 2 or 4
Price: EUR € 99,000, €131,000 or €158,500

Cuevas De Lalo
Granda (Castillejar)
Bedrooms: 17,  Ideal rural Tourism: With Licences
EUR € 249,000