Coin Annual Horse Festival

COIN has once again hosted the SACAB horse festival, which brought more than 15,000 people to the town to see the best of the equine world.

The fifth edition of SACAB, which is held every year in the town, included horse shows and competitions, and saw 350 horses from some of the best breeders in Andalucia.
Coin Horse Festival 2008

The horse fair was once again organised at the Cantarranas industrial estate on the outskirts of Coin, and the shows were held in a large tent with capacity for 2,500 people. Every day the area was packed with visitors of all ages who came to admire the magnificent animals.

The mayor of Coin, Gabriel Clavijo, presided over the inauguration, joined by members of the Junta de Andalucia and Coin Town Hall.

The mayor announced that the local town hall has reached an agreement with the Council of Employment to hold a course for professional horse breeders in the town, which he said would be an important step towards making Coin the Andalucian centre of equine excellence.

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