We recomend that you visit Andalucia before viewing properties and stay in some of the locations you are interested in. We can help you find good value accommodation and long term lets in the right locations.

If you are interested in this service please fill in our general enquiry form.

Long Stays

Ideally you will be able to stay in the area you have decided on for a a reasonable length of time. Monthly or longer rentals in houses and villas are very good value. We can find you the best deals, often which are only advertised locally, in the areas you are interested in.

For help arranging hotels, motels and hostals please use our general enquiry form.

El Olivar Iznajar Tarifa Accommodation Andalucian Hotel Hotel Bedroom

Short Stays and Tours

We realise that family and work committments often mean that lengthy stays in Spain are just not possible. Even so a long weekend or week spent in a villa, town house or apartment can provide you will valuable experience of the strengths and weaknesses of each property type and rural compared to urban locations.

You can also plan touring holidays with a night here and a night there to sample the atmosphere of a large number of places.  We arranged two 17 day tours to sample loads of different locations in Andalucia before deciding on the one town in which we wanted to settle.  We had studied a map of Andalucia and the rough guide before we went using free online route planners to come up with a rough itinerery. We had a a very special as well as practical holiday. 

For help arranging hotels, motels and hostals please use our general enquiry form.  For more information on the accommodation types please see below.

Hostels & Casa Rurals

There are literally thousands of Hostels and Casa Rurals across Andalucia.  These are small family run places which vary in size from a spare room to small hotels.  We have stayed in a stylish Belgiun run lakeside haven, small Spanish homes filled with wrought iron and the smell of coffee and danced till 4 in the morning fuelled by red wine with the Glasweigen ex-social worker owners of another B&B. 

This is our favourite way to travel as each place is totally individual and you often find out loads of information on the best places to eat and visit. These are really fantastic places to stay and offer unbeatable value however many do not have websites which makes them virtually impossible for you find before you arrive. 

The prices range start from about €30 for B&B for two. 

Cortijo B&B Casa Rural Andalucian B&BRural hotel


It is hard to understand exactly where hostels stop and hotels begin.  There are loads of hotels in Andalucia and they fit into every class and budget.  You may wish to stay in a large internaltional chain where you know what you are getting however you should consider staying in the more unique hotels which are dotted all over the region.  Many of these do not have a good internet presence and this makes them hard to find before you arrive.

Town Houses

Town houses are basically old buildings more typically found in the rural parts of Andalucia.  They are usually terraced and are found in towns and villages.  They are normally unique with weird sized and shaped rooms and bits that stick out here and there.  They can have outside space in the form of a roof terrace or a small garden and a few have roof top pools or hot tubs. If you really must have access to a pool during your stay never fear for virtually every Spanish town has a municipal pool which is open throughout the summer -  which you do not have to clean or fill with water!

The main benefits to staying in a town house compared to a villa is that they encourage you to get a more intimate knowledge of a place. Also, as you are already in a town or village you can have a couple of wines without worrying about a drive home.  If you make the right choice the properties themselves are uniquely charming and romantic settings.  Once you have settled into a town house you will find that you are spoilt by the ease of access to amenities and the busy social hum of every Spanish town. 

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