Sales Prices and Agents

In Spain, the selling process for properties is very different than the UK. Here, an agent will ask the owner what price they are looking to achieve, and add a commission on top of that price. They will offer opinions on values and potential for selling at a given price, but the figure is largely determined by the seller. This system inevitably causes disparities in pricing, even with agents local to each other.

Take a look at this;

Property advertised for €158,800


And now this one …

Same property advertised for €150,250


The same property……8000 Euros in price difference!

The reason for this is the agent adds a price they feel they can achieve for the property. This is not underhand; it is just the way the system works in Spain. However, now we know this, when we do find the perfect property for you, we will know every other agents that may have the same property on their books, and will contact each one to see if we can get the same property at a cheaper price for you.

Important Note

While you are here, If you find a property in a magazine or estate agents window, just take the reference number and agents details (name & telephone number if possible) and call them through to us, we will get to work to:

• Check out the situation regarding legalities and property ownership
• Check other agents for price difference

BUT…..we can only act for you if we introduce you to the agents before you introduce yourself. This is because we are paid an introduction fee from the agents (the reason our service does not cost you any thing) for bringing them the business (you) and doing the work of brining the client to them.

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