Town houses are basically old buildings more typically found in the rural parts of Andalucia.  They are usually terraced and are found in towns and villages.  They are normally unique with weird sized and shaped rooms and bits that stick out here and there.  They can have outside space in the form of a roof terrace or a small garden and a few have roof top pools or hot tubs. If you really must have access to a pool during your stay never fear for virtually every Spanish town has a municipal pool which is open throughout the summer -  which you do not have to clean or fill with water!

The main benefits to a town house, compared to a villa, is that they encourage you to get a more intimate knowledge of a place. Also, as you are already in a town or village you can have a couple of wines without worrying about a drive home.  If you make the right choice the properties themselves are uniquely charming and romantic settings.  Once you have settled into a town house you will find that you are spoilt by the ease of access to amenities and the busy social hum of every Spanish town.  .

We have provided a small selection of town houses below so you can see what you get for money.

  • citywall.jpg -

Cute Town House
Location: Granada city Center (Albaicin Area)
Bedrooms: 3, Built Area, m²: 70
Terace: Yes, Pric
e: EUR € 155,000

  • Interior.jpg - One of the interior rooms.

Albaicin Unique Historic House
Location: Granda City Center (Albaicin Area)
Bedrooms: 3, Bathrooms: 3, Pool: Yes, Garden: Yes
Built Area, m²: 47, Terace: Yes , Pric
e: EUR € 1,030,000

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Cuevas Amparillo
Granda (Castilléjar)
Bedrooms: 2 or 4
Price: EUR € 99,000, €131,000 or €158,500

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Granada New Cave House
Location: Castillejar, Granada

Bedrooms: 2 or 4
EUR € 99,000 to €159,000

  • exteriorl.jpg -

Townhouse with courtyard
Location: Montefrio,
Granada West
Bedrooms: 3
EUR € 120,00

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