Villas For Sale

There are thousands of villas for sale in Andalucia.  Fincas (old farm houses) and corticos (converted agricultural buildings) also fall into this category.  Nearly every is unique due to combination of location, design, land, views and decoration.  As result valuations are hard to make and there are apparent anomolies in price between villas that appear to be very similar. 

Prices do increase for properties with pools and large amounts of land.  However you could be equally as happy with a villa with a terrace and enough room for a hot tub (which, unlike pools, do not require planning permission). 

We have provided a small selection of villas below so you can see what you get for money.

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Affordable Luxury Villa
Location: Competa

Bedrooms: 2, Bathrooms: 2, Pool
Built Area, m²: 320, Pric
e: EUR € 465,000

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3 bed house plus seperate guest apartment
Location: Competa,

Bedrooms: 3
EUR € 379,600

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Villa near Granada
Granada, Las Gabias
Bedrooms: 2, Bathrooms:1, Garage: Double, Land, m²: 3,000
Price: EUR € 385,000

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The Hobbit Hole
Granda (Castril)
Bedrooms: 3, Land Size, m²: 10,000
e: EUR € 146,000

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Cuevas De Lalo
Granda (Castillejar)
Bedrooms: 17, Ideal rural Tourism: With Licences
EUR € 249,000

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Montefrio, large Cortijo
Location: Montefrio, Granada West
Bedrooms: 8
Price: EUR € 289,000

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Bargain 3 bed house
Location: Fonelas,
Granada West
Bedrooms: 3
EUR € 97,600

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Tres Cuevas de Valle
Baza (Valley of Castril)
Bedrooms: 3
Price unreformed: EUR € 25,000, Price Reformed: EUR € 75,000

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Cueva Benna
Baza (Benamaurel)
Bedrooms: 3, Built Area, m²: 500
Price: EUR € 69,000